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    Default exhaust cover lengths

    Anyone out there have a stock set of "slinkys" who could measure their lengths in the extended position? I think I have 2 fronts, and I want to cut one back to fit the rear exhaust pipe on my rigid frame panhead. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I notice you haven't had any replies, so I've got to figure no one has a stock set. Personally, I would just cut the rear to fit the pipe, as I believe there can be extenuating factors that would make for variable applications. I think the best solution would be to study period photos, and count the number of coils, or note the appearance of the coils at various bends in the pipe.
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    The length of the front differs between Panheads and Knuckleheads because of the different placement of the pipe to frame clamp.
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    Thanks Chris and Eric for your replies. Your idea to count the coils is a good one Eric. And yes, Chris, the front would be shorter for I believe pre-'47 because of the front pipe clamp placement.

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    Short fronts also are used with a sidecar. Rears differ from Pan to Knuckle due to the pipe bell, etc.
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