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Thread: K model cow bell/dust cover

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    I need a measurement for the length of a cow bell for a 1953 K model. I am making some cow bells for my k model. In the process, I am finding out why these are always missing. It is a design that will fail. It is held on with 2 8-32 screws and when they are tight you can bend them very easy so they do not line up. The consistency of the mounting flange is not very consistent from left to right. I was thinking I need something inside of them like a nylon slide or a piece of rubber to keep them lined up. With the taper on the bell you could not get anything like that inside that would go through the chroming process. So I am thinking 1 inch of tubing welded inside the top will keep them straight. Do you guys think this would be acceptable on a restored bike? So what I need is a measurement from the fork down to the bottom of the bell. When I started on these I measured from the fork to the middle of the bump on the leg at ride height and now I am thinking if the springs are weak in my fork I could be off on that measurement. So any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Terry.PC090007.jpg
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