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Thread: Harley 1946-1947 Bullneck Frame for Trade

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    This bullneck frame is now for sale. I have located and purchased a very nice late 47 frame for my project.
    PM me if interested.
    Mark Masa

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    Mark, your inbox won't accept messages.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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    Thanks for the heads up. I've deleted a bunch of old messages to make room.

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    Default Frame for sale

    This frame is now on eBay. It is less $$ if I sell it straight us and don't have to pay eBay fees.

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    This frame has been sold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubone View Post
    There are two late type frames, with the U-U being the final version but likely higher than your VIN Mark. Mine is a U-U, but my VIN is over 12000.
    same here, mine has UU and 13 on right side allso I believe,
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    I have both a #12 Knopp and a #13 Interstate for my mid/late 1947 project (VIN is in the low 9000's)
    From the below, it looks like the #12 Knopp is the frame that I should keep for this project.
    I'm going to be selling the extra frame but obviously, I want to make sure that I don't regret it after the fact.
    I've sent a PM to 1950Panhead to get more clarification on his post but haven't gotten a reply. I'm sure that he's MUCH MUCH more an expert on this topic than me, but would like to know more details about how this information was compiled.
    Can anyone else here verify and explain the below.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1950Panhead View Post
    The first half year or so used bullneck 47EL1000 to 47EL7000 or so
    47EL7000 to 47EL11650 or so used #12 Interstate or #12 Knopp
    47EL11650 to 47EL12650 or so used #13 Interstate
    These are very rough estimates, not accurate numbers
    47EL931x came with a #12 Knopp
    47EL6800 is near the transition from bullneck to #12 and could have either but did not come with a #13 Interstate.

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    This is 47FL68XX as found. It has #13 interstate. This bike sat since 1972.IMG_2762 - Copy.jpg

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    Here is interstate 11 UU, maybe we should keep an open

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