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Thread: Beware ,American Cycle Fabrication Paul and Denise Friebus

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    Default Beware ,American Cycle Fabrication Paul and Denise Friebus

    I sent my DAH engine and transmission carb and intake to Paul Friebus American Cycle Fabrication Inc. in March 2011, reason being he is by all accounts one of the best Harley guys around. I have waited patiently because of the scope of the project and sent up two frames, front end, rims, handlebars etc. for Paul to finish the project completely. I have also given a 6000 dollar deposit. I appreciate Paul has had some major personal issues of loss recently and in the past but all I want is communication. I have asked Denise multiple times for at least one picture to show any progress on my bike, but there is no communication.
    Finally got a hold of him at the end of September and he said "for sure" he will have it done by the end of October. Surprise...not answering the phone or emails or through there eBay account.
    I have contacted a lawyer in Bloomsberg Pa and discussing Mail Fraud because I sent the bank draft through the mail and going to get the police involved as well.
    Please let other's to be aware of this situation and by all accounts my predicament is starting to be other's as well.
    Thank you, Tyler Senga, Regina Sk Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by beaumonts View Post
    I sent my DAH engine and transmission carb and intake to Paul Friebus American Cycle Fabrication Inc. in March 2011,
    That's a long time to wait, must be frustrating to lose communication like that! Maybe there's an AMCA member who is more local who knows him and can figure this out for you? You've been really patient to wait 7+ years, if he hasn't finished by now maybe you should collect everything and start over. Bummer to see a well reputed, good intentioned, honest, and self-employed craftsman get over committed when life's problems intervene. Hope it works out for you (and him)!
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    Thanks, that's what I told Paul when I spoke to him last, just want my stuff back and my cash. He said it would be done, I wanted to believe him but I though one more chance. At this point it has gone past that point and my only recourse is going to be lawyer/police.

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    What you described is not fraud, which requires intent at the time the money is solicited. Don't be surprised if the police do nothing unless you have evidence of a crime.
    Failing to keep a promise in timely fashion is governed by contract law as a civil matter, unless he has (for example) stolen some of the parts, sold them to someone else, etc.
    I would start putting together a time line beginning with the first communication. The content of phone calls is largely a matter of "he said, she said", and "I don't remember it that way", but obviously letters, cashed checks, e-mails have weight.
    You'll see complaints on another board here:

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    The Fraud the lawyer was talking about is Mail Fraud, because I sent the bank transfer through the mail. I'm not sure of the laws in the states just going by what the lawyer said. I have lots of pics of my parts and correspondence from the first time I spoke to his late wife Barbara as well as my original shipping documents and the second set of shipping documents from when I shipped the frames , wheels, handlebars and front end up.

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    Good Luck. Unless you have a detailed, signed contract specifying the completion date I don't think lawyers will do you any good. As long as you can prove ownership of the parts you sent him you should be able to get them back by the law. I suppose the money has been spent on other things and is not still laying on the kitchen table so that is why he is in no hurry to give you your parts and money back. I wish both parties the best. So many deals in this hobby go the route yours has. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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