really hope it works out for you. Not cool at all from Cycle-Fab.

I personally have only been in the vintage motorcycles 30+ years(still a newby and cannot do motor work. I also have been burned and thru the years from certain people that have been at this for decades and have a outstanding reputation have nothing good to say about him from the first day since he came to the states from S.Africa. I've also seen and read from certain know it all people that backed him 100% only to get burned.

I got screwed and was in a pickle on some motors and so I sent 2 of them to Bona-Fide Cycles. When T-Bone opened up the motors it was a **** show on what was previously done. The negligence was immense and Imo T-Bone performed a miracle to bring them back the way they should have been in the first place. I'm happy to say that now 2 bikes are done and cross them off the list. So at being 60(still young but soon running out of time as I have several other projects I need to finish before I'm done. When time and funds will permit? I'll be sending my other motors to Bona-Fide-Cycles..
Thanks T-Bone. Lesson learned the hard way, but lesson learned nonetheless.