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    Hi I have a 44 chief I have fitted new gaskets to the bottom of the pump it turns free but it gets a little tight in one spot . After fitting it up to engine I find I am wet sumping all the time .
    but when it clears it pumps up fine , Could this be due to the tight spot in the turning of the pump pick up as this never happened before to this pump .
    Or would it be in the pick up in the bottom of the engine .
    Thanks Delly

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    Wert sumping after a period of sitting is usually worn plunger/bore wear.
    Wet sumping when running is inadequate return.Clogged sump screen ,faulty sump valve ,leaky return line or fittings,pump return gear clearances.If you had a tight spot it probably needed a slightly thicker gasket.

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    Is the tight spot the same with bottom off? Wear spots on bottom? Pump can have a tight spot sometimes if gears were removed and the running faces are not matched.

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    The gears move freely with the bottom off . I was sort of thinking it would be in the sump return but I wasn't shore about the 2 pump gears in the bottom of the pump with them having a tight spot.

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