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    Default '27 JD Cut Down Project - SWAN

    I'm reluctantly starting this thread, i guess in part to publicly commit to my insanity and in part to get some ideas where might begin with my latest considered endeavor...

    I recently came into a very nice mostly complete later 27JD lower end, and as i already had a fair amount of spare parts including a new set of Stuart's '29 cylinders, transmission, clutch, generator and other miscellaneous parts, i went ahead and purchased the lower end against my better judgement; the price was such that apparently i could not resist...

    I'm thinking a period cut down would be fun and also make the project hopefully a bit more affordable (i have no chassis parts at all...) I am thinking maybe a tasteful custom built of period parts or a JD chassis of any year; it kind of depends on what i can find for chassis parts at a price i can justify continuing my commitment. Out of curiosity, wondering if it's possible to squeeze the JD engine/transmission into a single/45 frame; does anyone know of anyone who's gone to the effort of fitting a JD engine/trans in a single/45 frame? i know it's going to sound like a crazy idea to some, or rather than modify as conservatively and cleverly as possible an original single/45 frame, i've even been considering a repro frame such as Paughco, etc; repro not necessarily the direction i would care to go, but on the other hand, at this point, i want to be open to any ideas to not limit possible options...

    As i know we all enjoy builds, here are 2 pictures of the lower end. The flywheels rotate silky-smooth, there is no up and down movement of the rods which are also straight, but i am not sure what direction i want the engine build to go. I am entertaining either staying stock and containing my budget for the engine build and i am also entertaining going down the road with JIMS pins, Carillo rods, and T & O flywheels to make the engine into a durable rider, but for the time being i'm going to give myself a bit of time to catch my breath before i go nuts with whatever direction i am going to go. The pinion pin/bushing clearance is on the edge at .0035" and the rotary breather is too loose in its bushing to be within acceptable limits, so right there are 2 things that need to be corrected. i guess if i could get some reasonable amount of money out of the flywheel assembly, this could help offset the cost if i went the fancy lower end parts route. anyway. now that i've gone public, i guess we'll have to see what i post next as right now there are more unknowns than knowns.

    s-l1600 (7).jpgs-l1600 (8).jpg
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