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big milestone. got my Colorado title today for 27JD 13514. personally mailed to Montpelier, Vermont dmv notarized bill of sale (my buddy "sold" me my bike that was already mine), insurance card, state of Vermont dmv registration application form and Colorado in-state vin inspection (took the left crankcase to a dealer friend of mine). 3 weeks later received back Vermont registration and license plate. took the Vermont registration, Colorado out of state vin inspection, and insurance card to my local dmv this past Thursday; requested title and registration. Boom! Got the title in the mail today! 5 year collector plate's in the mail. at least in Colorado, no middleman "title broker" such as International Title, Broadway Title or MotoRecycle Title company is needed. since Vermont does not require title on vehicles 25 years and older, i can't imagine any state would not be obligated to accept Vermont dmv registration to apply for title in that state.
Congrats Steve!

I did the same process with terrible results. Minnesota gave me the middle finger when I gave them my Vermont registration. I went as high as I could go at the MN DMV and they did not accept the Vermont registration as anything other than registration. Also since I had started the process they would not release the vermont paperwork back to me and flagged my bike as "non registered". What a nightmare... I've since learned to just suck it up and go through the title process with a 3 year bond on it. It's expensive and I can see why nobody will title a knucklehead worth 50K sometimes. The sales tax would be crushing here...