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    I've emailed the factory with my questions, but I suspest anything back. Any records for 1971 would have been on paper and I'm sure none of that was digitized later.

    But thanks for the info on the total number of FLH's made. Makes mine very near the end of the year, 5,011 out of 5,475.

    Latest...1971 HD FLH Electra Glide.
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    I''m uncertain about how to decipher specific model production order with the five digit vin#. Roughly 38,000 total cycles were manufactured in 1971 according to info I've seen and vin#'s started at 10,000. My '71 has a vin# in the 18,000-18,500 range, it can't be the 8,000th FLH built out of 5,475 units. I'm thinking the five digit vin#'s in 1971 must have ranged between 10,000 and roughly 48,000 for total units manufactured without any true relation to specific models other than the two digit model prefix?

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    Marc, welcome to the forum. Hard to say exactly what info the factory has for each bike but from H-D Customer Service in November 2013 the owner of a certain 71 Super Glide received a letter containing the build date and the number of the dealer the bike was shipped to in New York.

    While youíre waiting to hear from H-D, please look at the top of the padlock plate on your lower triple clamp and stamped there you may find an additional original component identifying numberófor example, M1234. Other letters used on 1971 triple clamps were N, P and R.

    Another ID number may be found stamped on the front of your trans case on the R-H side just below where the lid attaches. Same format as the triple clamp ID but letters for 1971 trans cases may have been G and H.

    These ID numbers may be on file at H-D so you could ask the factory to confirm them. If they are original the factory should tell you but if they arenít then the factory will not say what ID numbers the bike originally had.

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