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    Can anyone tell me the difference between the Model J Handlebar Plunger Part Number 3316-16 (the part the inner control wire is fixed to) and the later Plunger 3316-36? I'm working on a 1924 JD and have a few random plungers but don't know if they're correct for the J.

    Steve Slaminko

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    The J plungers are larger diameter, the handlebar walls were thinner.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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    And don't forget 3316-31 for the VLs, with the thickest wall handlebars and hence the smallest diameter plunger.

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    Anyone no the O.D. for the different plungers? Helping with a 1930 DL and I am unsure what bars are on it.

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    For what it's worth,
    I measured the three plungers I have on hand. One measures roughly 0.780" OD and fits nicely into an extra set of VL bars I have. The other 2 measure roughly 0.830" - 0.835". These fit into the JD bars about 1/2 inch but then don't seem to want to go in any further without some moderate force.

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