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Thread: David Jackson of San Antonio, TX

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    Default David Jackson of San Antonio, TX

    My friend David Jackson passed from a heart attack on Monday night. He was found in his bed. Hopefully he passed in his sleep. He had just finished building "Jackson's Place". A 7,000 sq ft building on his land in the hills West of town. He had all 60 of his bikes moved in and was beginning to set up his museum.
    Chris Haynes
    Memorial Service for David M Jackson
    13 October 2018 @10:30
    The Cove
    606 W. Cypress St
    San Antonio, Texas 78212

    Dress is casual
    Be sure to visit;
    Be sure to register at the site so you can see large images.
    Also be sure to visit

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    Sorry to hear this, Chris you introduced me to David a few years ago for trim repair. I have spoken to him several times since. Nice guy.
    Condolences to his family and for the loss of your friend Chris.

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    Gonna miss David, he was a respectful gentleman. He used to own a jewelry store, and fixed a couple old pocket watches of mine, and had been a customer for 15 years or better. he used to call just to BS. We lost a good one right there.

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