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Thread: S&S date coded kicker cover for 48-50

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    Default S&S date coded kicker cover for 48-50


    Was wondering how these look? I am restoring my 1950 FL and need a relatively early kicker cover. I see ads for these but canít see the numbers. My vin is a 4 digit in the 2700 range, just want something that is correct. Other than an original, I have seen ads for V-twin as well, is there a difference? I have so little a/m on this bike I donít want to do something thatís obvious.


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    I installed an S&S cover on my '50 EL until I find a good repairable, correct year cover. When I bought the bike from the original owner's son, it had a pig snout type cover on it. Obviously, this was a 1960's replacement for a damaged original cover. The S&S covers look good and has a G 6 code on it. Besides, half of the date plate is is hidden behind the crank spring. It's a good quality, USA made part.

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