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Thread: valves siezing in guides

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    If you are actually losing only one cylinder (for whatever reason) the spark plug, piston, and head temperature of the "good" cylinder will rise quickly since it's carrying the entire load, and will be prone to heat (not lubrication) -related seizure. Be careful!
    Complete secondary electrical failure (no spark at all) kills the motor dead, but weak spark may continue to fire the cylinder with the lower cylinder pressure (in psi) especially at low throttle openings (and go dead at WOT). After a few seconds, the working pipe will be hotter and of course louder (the cold cylinder will just release compression when the exhaust valve opens, not combustion).

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    Engine is killed dead abruptly when it happens. I suspect a short in the lead from the coil to distributer, in the tube that contains the spark plug and coil wires, as that was the only other thing that got fiddled with. It works perfect now, but will investigate this weekend. 73 year old wire.

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