Searching the AMCA Forum using the Google Site Search Tool

The last utility for searching the AMCA forum is to use Google. Google uses various automated spiders and bots to scour the internet, looking for information their algorithm determines as useful or important. Spiders and bots are internet tools that systematically browse the World Wide Web typically to create indexes and download information so users can search more efficiently.

To use Google for your search go to Google’s home page In order to search the AMCA Forum, the following phrases are entered into the Google search box:

site: xxxx

The letters xxxx are substituted as the keyword you want to search for. Results will be shown for the AMCA Forum.

Google has some useful features that are typical for most internet search engines. These are listed below:

- searching for Indian head gasket results in hits that contain Indian, head, gasket and Indian head gasket as was discussed earlier.

- searching for “Indian head gasket” (note the double quotes around the term) will present results which have these three words in exactly that order

- the use of AND, OR, NOT can also be used to further restrict the results. AND requires the results have both words gear plus oil to be found. OR means that either gear or oil will be in the results. If NOT is used such as gear NOT oil, then any results that have oil in the listing won't be returned.

Details for how to search using google are given here:

Tips to refine the google search are given here: