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Thread: 1945 Cheif top engine mount

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    I have the cylinders and heads placed and torqued down. I have about .045 inch space between the mount and the frame, although it is not even ( more towards the rear cylinder by about .010 inch. I reason that I should shim the gap between the mount and the frame? Thanks in advance for your comments. I would probably use the thickest shim stock I can fit in there and tighten it up.

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    Sorry, to clarify, top engine mount.

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    Here's what I've done ... Your sparkplug wire tube will attach to the bracket on the underside of the frame crossmember, plus a shim. re measure the remaining gap. I made a bracket with a slotted area for the two small bolts, then after mounting the top motor mount to the heads, pull the head bolts slightly snug, take a pry bar and squeeze enough space to slide the slotted bracket in the gap. Don't pry the gap open too much. With a slotted bracket its pretty easy, otherwise putting in the two little bolts later is tricky. put the 2 bolts in when you put the top motor mount on first. I have found it easier if I put the rear head and bolts on first, then the top motor mount, then the slide the front head on, then the front head bolts. the last two bolts will be the short ones. Then go back and tighten all the head bolts. Re tighten the headbolts again after you start and warm and cool the motor a few times. Be sure to re check them a couple of times, especially if you're using head gaskets that are not solid copper. paint your head gaskets with a couple coats of silver paint on both sides. helps avoid leaks (also makes it easier to remove the gaskets later). just my two cents worth. good luck

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    Thankyou fellas

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