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    I have a front fender with the 1955 FL emblem on it, similar to the 1954 style, did all 1955 have them or was it an option? The holes in the fender are punched and not drilled i would say, so I think it is the fender the tip came on. Thoughts on value in good to fair shape? No plating left on the tip, it is gold like color with traces of chrome, silver.... Have a guy interested but I am not sure if all models of FL,s used them or what they are worth? Thanks Dave

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    All '55 models had fender emblems. They came in FL FLH, KH markings. They were all originally chrome over stamped brass, most have lost the chrome flash. Ebay is littered with repops of them from 25-50 bucks...
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    Thanks, this one is a FL one. I got it out of a garage along with a 55 FL chopper that as I was told had not moved since 1990, so I think it and the fender is the real deal?

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