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Thread: Early 79 FLH Clutch/Throwout Bearing

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    Default Early 79 FLH Clutch/Throwout Bearing

    I lost my clutch (won't disengage). I went through the whole adjustment process (3/8"-5/8" between clutch rod and starter) and it worked momentarily. There was a little noise coming from the clutch and then the clutch went away again. I'm thinking it's the throwout bearing.
    Is this something an average guy can fix or should I just take it to a shop?
    If it is something I can tackle, can you recommend a good source (printed or internet) where I can see how it's done?
    Thanks for your help!

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    TOB is a good spot to check.

    Unless you're all thumbs you should be able to check it and replace it yourself if necessary.

    I personally prefer to switch to the early-style "witch's hat" bearing. Your '79 should be the "dime" style.

    This might give you a good idea of what you might be up against: http://tearitupfixitrepeat.blogspot....up-part-6.html

    ...but the FSM is the bible.

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    Your 79 has the dime style throw-out bearing, which is not overly strong. When replacing the bearing, make sure you back off the clutch adjusting stud a little, to allow a little free play for the bearing.

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    "Went away again"? Does not sound like the correct adjusting procedure is being used. Run clutch cable adjuster sleeve cable in so lots of clutch lever play, loosen lock nut on clutch, back off center screw 2 turns, adjust to 5/8" arm to starter, run center screw in to contact throw out bearing, back out 1/8 turn, lock nut down on adjusting screw. Go ride! If still no clutch action the 3 tension nuts have to be each turned in 1 click(1/2turn) at a time, after adjusting nuts check to see if clutch holds by putting in gear and try rolling bike. If not there has to some kind of mechanical failing in the clutch assembly itself since you heard a "noise" in that area. G/L

    Unless something really bad happened like no oil in TO bearing area neither of those styles should be the fault, if they were there would be no "clutch here, oops clutch gone again", just gone gone gone!

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