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Thread: 45 head work

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    Yes, been thinking of that but wondering what combo will fit best. Maybe some one out there will come up with something good to add. don't want to go back to the old 500-16s.

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    The lightest thing you can find, it's a giant millstone.

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    maybe when a guy gets pushing 80 he should forget the hot rod stuff.

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    I know this a little different angle but some of you guys have helped a lot so far with my questions. What about torque cones for use in drag pipes? I see people use them but will it do anything for the old "45" with the things we talked about before? Never know if you don't ask questions, right??

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    I suspect it would but the change will be small unless big cams are used. The stock pipe is 1.41" OD, the cone open end OD could be 1.125" or so tapering back up to 1.41" where they attach.

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    When I was a young buck I like those pipes. They hurt my ears now.

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