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    Inherited my Father's collection I have looked up many of the bikes and have excellent barn finds looking to find someone to help with finding parts for an Excelsior, Harley and Indian. Would love to restore but not sand blast and paint over. I would like to keep them original as much as possible. As excited as I am I don't want to ruin these bikes.


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    Good on you Mike .I know Indian bikes there are a few good suppliers in the US and Europe . Kiwi Indian , Jerry Greers , Starklite Indian .Its great to keep them looking original as possible ,just the machinal side ..lots great help on this site with Excelsior and Harley bikes , any photos ,Rob

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    Thanks for responding!!! Very new to AMCA been to a few shows with Dad who, "looked for the things nobody was looking for." Pictures to follow when I get my computer legs under me. LOL

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    Where are you located?
    Be sure to visit;
    Be sure to register at the site so you can see large images.
    Also be sure to visit

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    Welcome to the AMCA, Mike. Obviously, your Dad had the old bike obsession and it looks like it's been passed on to you. I don't think there is a better hobby; and the people in the AMCA are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. There are some very knowledgeable Excelsior owners here, and will be able to respond to specific questions. As for parts, Excelsiors are not supported like H-D, and Indian so there is not an easy source for parts.
    Eric Smith
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    Thumbs up Hi Mike,

    I too am a new member, though you inheriting a few great motorcycles
    to have as a starting point is not something that we share. My dad is not
    a motorcycle guy and hopefully will continue to walk the Earth for decades
    to come. Pictures are easy to post here via several methods, one of those
    is directly into this forum, and another is to share them first into
    Eric, who has already posted in this thread, has a thread of his own with
    a number of "Knock-Out" pictures of an Excelsior. Have a great time here!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ottercycle View Post
    Inherited my Father's collection... I would like to keep them original as much as possible. As excited as I am I don't want to ruin these bikes.

    Welcome Mike - understandable you would be excited. I think the most important process in being an antique bike enthusiast is to build a network of friends and contacts. Once you get that going you will most often find what you need or get help with technical advice. This forum is a turn key network and with interacting and communicating with others you will start to build that valuable asset. Just use the search feature with key words of info you are interested in and you will find discussion threads that can help you out. Be patient with these old bikes as it sometimes takes time to find info and parts.

    Mike Love
    AMCA Forum

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