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Thread: Help with info on Miltitary Green 1939 Harley with gun holder

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    Default A few more pictures..

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Slocombe View Post
    Usually we can date these bikes from the headstock forging. ZE-35T is for a 45 cubic inch Harley, the A in the house is the logo from AmForge who made the part, and die number 9 is from 1943. This ties in with what is probably the engine belly numbers of 43-21418. So it could be a typical mid-year 1943 Harley 45 built for the military, with the engine numbers later restamped for a Pennsylvania title. This often happened when the authorities weren't sure about the build date, as shown by the 1939 date on the title. You don't need to do anything, although cleaning up the paperwork to show a 1943 build date might help in a subsequent sale.

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    The notary is on dope..
    The number boss is ground down and restamped
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    Wow.. she said there was a code or something on it that meant it was sent overseas.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubone View Post
    The notary is on dope..
    The number boss is ground down and restamped

    Although it is not really possible to tell if your number boss is "ground down" from your photo, the stamped VIN is definitely not from the Factory.

    Even if it were a very common New Old Stock replacement case sent out blank many decades ago, perhaps stamped legally overseas, it complicates its legality in most of the US.

    My state is quite repressive, however I would still request assistance from law enforcement and department of motor vehicles to straighten out the paperwork. Since they want perpetrators and not victims, they may add an inspection stamping, but avoid confiscation as a felony.
    Unfortunately, the non-factory VIN still depreciates the hardware's value significantly.

    Good luck!

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