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Thread: 1976 BMW R75 tack and speedo repairs

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    Default 1976 BMW R75 tack and speedo repairs

    Both the tack and the speedo on my 1976 BMW R75 have self destructed. Perhaps "self destructed" is the wrong term since I've never done any PM to them but in any case the rivets that hold the faces gave out, then the indicators (pointers) came loose, and well, they're just a mess.

    Does anyone know where these can be sent for repair? If so, does anyone have an idea of what a repair might cost?

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    Default BMW

    Go to the Vintage BMW Owners Club and do some searches. You should be able to get some answers there.
    Jim D

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    Palo Alto Speedometer repair in California. I have never used them but they have a good rating from most of their customers. I have /2 VDO Speedo that I am planning to send.

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    Send Terry an email at

    He is the go to guy for airheads.


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