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    I have a 1964 FL. I bought a set of .040 rings part #22360-53. My parts book says they are for FL but doesn’t not FLH. My problem is I believe the pistons are aftermarket FLH pistons. Does this matter? Is there any difference or did the book just fail to mention FLH?

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    The -53 FL rings do not fit factory FLH pistons. IIRC, the rings are thicker than the FLH.

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    As VPH-D says, FLH pistons used 1/16" rings, Fl used 1/8 or thereabouts. The deal was longevity versus power. Thin rings sealed quickly, had less friction, but wore out faster. Thicker rings lived longer. That all changed with modern materials. Use modern thin rings and don't look back...
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