Hello to all. Runnlo here.
I have two " numbered issues" #6 and #7. I've had em for several years. When I got them I called Tom Bolfert who was head on H-D archives at the time. He told me the same thing you guys are saying about, that until 1920 they just came out "whenever". He told me that one was 1916 and the other was 1917, and then he tried to buy them for $500 each, but I just old him no thank you, I'm just gonna keep em. They are in really good shape except for the 16 has the front page corner torn off.
I just wanted to tell Charlie's grandson that I read through them, and didn't find anything about his grandfather.
All the best,Runnlo P.S. Can anybody give me a clue as to what they are valued at? As I said they are in very good shape except the corner on the 16. and by the way the 6 and 7 have nothing to do with them being 16 and 17, It's just they're issue #