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it may be cheaper to just drive there and back.
Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a good option, only a choice between bad ones. My teammate and driver/mechanic are flying in from Ireland along with one bike, and Google says Portland is 40 hours by road from my house. Although it would be cheaper to drive than to ship my bike and fly, I'm just not willing to squander that much of my life droning across the country on the Interstate.

I drove two Gold Stars to Texas last fall for my Irish teammate and I to take part in a ~1200-mile "British singles" ride, requiring "only" 12 hours each way to get to the start/finish, and that was about 9 hours too much for me. Some people love car/truck trips. I hate them. I travel a lot and like being places, not getting to them.

If you read the thread below you'll see I'm doing a pretty comprehensive rebuild of the Ariel, so maybe I can save money on shipping costs by not sending any tools or spares...