As you can imagine, as he Executive Director of the AMCA I get frequent calls from people who have inherited an antique motorcycle from a deceased loved one or through an estate sale. In most cases they just want to know what it is, more history of the bike or simply find it a home of someone who will appreciate it as their family once did.

Today's case is a 1963 Yamaguchi. From the photos and the wonderful world of Google, I can tell it's a 50cc Scrambler and the last year Yamaguchi produced motorcycles. If you have any knowledge you can share about this brand and model I would love to put the owner in touch with you. He is looking for it a home.

He included a short video of him cranking the bike. He claims it is original paint but the bike has incorrect dirt tires and modified fenders. If you can help, let me know and I'll be happy to email the video.