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    Hello, I Need a few mounting parts to complete a side car resto, on a 48 Indian Chief. Has anyone had any luck contacting Artur Pechal at Classic side cars ? Last February I was able to contact him thru e-mail, he was going to put together an order and get back to me. Since then he has dropped off the edge of the earth . His web page order form will not open correctly and does not work, I have tried several times . He is about the last guy that has the S-bar , clamps and rear mount I need to complete the project . Any suggestions are welcome , Please !

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    He's not real prompt but I did hear back from him on March 30th and again April 30th. I doubt that helps but at least Atur or someone is answering his email. I understand your frustration as i have been trying to order a sidecar from him since last July. Good Luck, Charlie

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    Charlie, thank you for that information , It's funny , my last contact with him was also on April 30 of this year. His e mail just says he has all the parts I need and can ship next week. However no contact since then .If He only answers e mail on a monthly basis how often does he ship ??

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