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Thread: 47 chief engine rebuild

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    Default 47 chief engine rebuild

    need to know what anyone has paid labor wise for a complete engine rebuild, including bored or sleeved pistons, valve guides, just trying to get some idea of cost, thanks chris

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    I only pay for machine work,so cant say for assembly labor.Boring and fitting pistons oversize is 50 a hole where I go and about another 50 each cylinder for valve seats after I install guides.
    I would never consider sleeving late chief cylinders when good repros are available from Stark or Kiwi and originals in good shape are still around,and a cylinder that needs a sleeve probably has recessed seats and an intake seat almost touching the bore.
    I would stay away from the cheaper India cylinders.They lost me when I found out you need to drill out your head bolt holes to match the off pattern jug holes.I don't see the value saving a few hundred per and having all the issues.

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