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Thread: Welder needed to repair a cracked knucklehead

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    Default Welder needed to repair a cracked knucklehead

    Help! does anyone know of a good welder to weld a crack in a front head on a knucklehead. Its cracked in the exhaust port and goes inward towards the guide. Its off of an S & S KN model.
    I'm helping a friend with this and were not having much luck finding anyone. please contact me if you can help.

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    Midwest Cylinder Head & Machine in Nevada, Iowa can fix exhaust port cracks. Sent them both of my 47 Knuckle heads and they repaired the front which was cracked from the front exhaust port to the valve seat. Rear head was cracked between the valve seats and they fixed it. Not cheap and turnaround time took about 2-3 months for mine. Looked so good when completed you could not tell repairs had been done. Google them. They also have a facebook page and if you scroll down the photos section there are several pictures of a knucklehead having exhaust port cracks being repaired.
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    I send all my welding needs to Advanced Cycle Machining 1711 Winter St Superior WI 54880 [800] 844-3200. I've had nothing but great success with these guys. And turnaround was a matter of a couple weeks at most. Great guys and I trust them.

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