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    It is with deep sadness that I report that Tom Johnson, known as Rooster (here at the AMCA forum) died last Sunday. He was a committed motorcycle enthusiast, and pursued it with a passion we should all envy. Others knew him much better than I did, but he and I did share some common interests, and for that, I will always remember him. He was nearly finished with his comprehensive restoration of his 1952 FL. Much of his journey on that bike was documented on the CAIMAG forum and if you haven't seen his text, and photos on that project; you will be impressed by his diligence, and commitment to accuracy. God bless you, Tom, and my heartfelt thought for his family, and many friends.
    Eric Smith
    AMCA #886

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    Thank-you for the update Eric. Never met Tom, but had several interactions with him on CAIMAG and found him to be truly devoted to old motorcycle restoration, a great fount of information, and willing to help with advice when any question crossed his area of expertise. A nice fellow into old bikes that passed too soon.
    Pisten Bulley is Harry Roberts in Vermont.

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    Man, that's a bummer.

    I was pretty excited to have him chime in on my thread.

    Every dude my age (pretty dang young) that needed a starhub wheel refreshed referred to his article when attacking the job. Mine has lived in my manual for years now, in the Wheels section. I hope he knew how many broke, clueless guys he helped out.

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    My condolences to everyone who knew him - I did not but have always enjoyed his posts and it is always sad to lose a fellow enthusiast. Jerry

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