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Thread: WTB: Starter Crank Pedal Parts

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    Default WTB: Starter Crank Pedal Parts

    Looking for pedal parts (1) 33204-45, (1) 33205-56 and (1) 33211-46. Repops or originals – doesn’t matter. I checked with Old Dude and no luck. Thought I’d ask here. PM me if you have any extras and want to sell. Thanks, William
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    V-Twin makes a complete repop Plastic Wartime Kicker Pedal assembly, V-Twin # 17-0331 for less than 60 bucks retail that you might be able to steal those parts off of it they are made fairly correct????? Long time ago "NOS parts In Ohio" used to sell some of those bits and pieces along with NOS Plastic pedals for only $100 bucks but I suspect they are all gone by now. 46EL

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