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Thread: Calypso Red Chip/Sample/Code?

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    Default Calypso Red Chip/Sample/Code?

    Would anyone have a chip or sample of Calypso Red to match that you could share or sell? A code for something similar?
    Emailed John Pierce and he only sells quarts for $360.(a little high for the budget)
    My 58 is about 75% correct and I would be happy with something close to the original color.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    I would keep asking around, Eddie. I have a small can of Tango Red, and I'm sure someone out there can spare a few brush strokes of Calypso Red on a piece of metal to help you out. Years ago, Antique Cycle Supply sold good swatches of H-D colors. Unfortunately, that ended. Personally, I think $360 is outrageous for a quart of paint based on someone's opinion of the correct color.
    Eric Smith
    AMCA #886

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