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Thread: Dan Henke

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    Quote Originally Posted by exeric View Post
    I agree; let the lawyers fight it out, not us. Too much trial by media these days.
    i sold inannuci my Velo Thruxton (VMT315) around 1983, as i recall ianucci was/is a criminal defense attorney licensed in nj or ny, or both or somewhere out there.

    the pursuit of the material changes some people. thank goodness most of us aren't that way. there's an old saying, "gold makes people go mad." (so does staring at the sun.) being a medical person myself, i can only imagine this anesthesiologist who hired bikes to be restored probably has gold chains hanging from his neck, people like him investing in the stock market is beneath him. he's probably got futures traders working deals for him, hooked up with multiple investors in multiple businesses and properties, off shore investments, the list goes on. i've known several greedy doctors like this, they are real and they exist. in fact i know one right now who is invested in several businesses including a gun store with a shooting range and a massive high-output reloading operation. and he owns two harley's and the leathers to go with it.

    the guy that's being sued in this story better hope ianucci will charge reduced rates or take him on a pro bono. or else both these guys admit their faults, settle without harming each other any more than already, shake hands and go home like gentleman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acemoto View Post
    Read this Article about Dan Henke
    So whats your point?
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    I believe this has to do with an issue between a shop and a customer and nothing to do with the AMCA. If you are a member of the AMCA you are able to vend at a AMCA meet, ride on an AMCA road run, be a member of a local chapter, and are able to receive the AMCA magazine. When did they receive the right to rule on civil matters between a business and it's customers. Am I missing something here? I don't believe so.

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    Your right that this should have stayed an issue between the two, but unfortunately it became an AMCA issue when they went after this guy in his position in the chapter. Don’t know the people or the history with these two but hopefully it will be resolved on the merits of past club support, and honesty.......but I doubt it.

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    You're right, this should NOT be an issue for members of the AMCA in any way. As for one guys position in an AMCA chapter; that would be an issue for the members of that chapter. Like RichO said; are we missing something?
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