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Thread: Pony Riveting Tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckthebeatertruck View Post
    sounds like the first sunnen I bought . . . one of the 1600 series with the separate motor on top and no integral feed pump. It's amazing how well "repairs" can work -- and I find it darn enjoyable to be working on a 1940s lathe when dealing with machines of a similar age. Slows me down and keeps me thinking . . .
    Mine's got no series, Chuck!

    Just "Model LBN Bushing Grinder."

    It was $150 forty years ago, and still needs repair.
    The serpentine belt number Carl O. gave me doesn't fit without a tear-down.

    And down-time ain't allowed.

    PS: The Water-Pik oiler on the side is long gone; Still use the mustard bottle
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