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Thread: 56 panhead rear fender mounting

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    Default 56 panhead rear fender mounting

    witch way do the carriage bolts go through the fender brackets. I have seen them both ways

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    parts book shows the direction

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    Note that the fender is painted with the hardware in place.

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    thanks for the reply and the picture. It's where the fender bolts to the frame.

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    The fender mounts to the frame in three locations, the rear axle stays, the cross tube, and behind the trans plate. There are no "carraige bolts" in any of those locations. There is a machined special bolt on the cross bar mounts that fits the slot. If that is what you are referring to it goes from the inside pointing out and is also the mounting point for the buddy seat springs.
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    That is what I'm talking about. Thank you sir.

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