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Thread: Right side front fender thing

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    Default Right side front fender thing

    I been going thru some old pics of my grand-dads bike, and my fathers, and both Indians have a 'thing' on the front fender.
    Then I find a later pic of cousin Ed's bike, and not only does his bike have a 'thing',,, but his is taller,,, and my dads bike got a taller 'thing' too.
    Well, I cant ask PopPop what it is, and cant ask cousin Ed either,, but I can ask Dad, except his memory is shot.
    So I have to ask here,, what is the 'thing' these guys needed on their Indians?
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    Not sure but I think I saw something like that on an old harley and it was some type of wheel lock.
    Im sure the experts will know.

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    It is a light, they are made for boats (stern light) but were sometimes added to bikes for flair. You can probably find them in old boat catalogs or just GTS it.
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    Are you from Australia or South America or something?

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    (Are you from Australia or South America or something?)

    Ha ha ha no..... But no matter how hard I tried, even turning the shots upside down in software before the upload, they were flipped again on upload.
    thought about it half the night, and havent proved it yet, but maybe I held my ipad upside down when I took the shot, ( of a photo) and the ipad turns the screen for you and me to upright no matter what- but the digital world KNOWS it is supposed to be upside down..?????!

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    image.jpgThanks Robbie, our family were boaters, more specifically waterskiers, so it makes sense.

    Still going thru more pics, here is Dad on his Indian, his brother, and his friend Jimmy on a 45" ? Harley and
    PopPops 4cyl. Selling the 4 is the only thing I'm mad at PopPop for.
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    Very nice and that's a bummer he sold the 4.
    Try when you edit and rotate your pic, I think you have to save it to replace the original.
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