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Thread: JD wiring - generator cutout switch question

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    Default JD wiring - generator cutout switch question

    I'm wiring up my 25 JD for a first start. I see that the 26 and later wiring diagrams include an "automatic cutout" between the battery and the generator but I don't see that on the 1925 wiring diagram. Am I correct to assume that this cutout was part of the 1925-only switch/buzzer? If so, without a proper switch should I wire in a cutout or regulator? Peter

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    Without knowing exactly what you are doing and/or what you want to achieve it is very hard to answer your question.
    If you're wiring up without a buzzer box use the 1926 wiring diagram and with that you will need a cut-out.
    You will also need an ignition switch and if the headlamp doesn't have a light switch on the back you will have to install one of those.
    I've attached the appropriate pages from the 1925 Riders Handbook which describes the system and how it works.
    There's a wiring diagram there also.
    This system is quite different from the 1926 on electrical system so if you are fitting it you need to study and understand what I've posted.
    Hope This helps.
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    Thanks for this info, Peter. It's going to be a while before the bike is ready to go, so at this point I'm just doing the minimum to be able to fire it up. I've just got a toggle switch between the battery and coil for on/off purposes and I'm wondering if it's ok to just run the generator straight to that same switch terminal (coil side). I don't want to run the generator without it being connected to the battery.


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