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Thread: 1967 FLH Case drain plug

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    Default 1967 FLH Case drain plug


    I am building a motor that is missing the lower drain plug on the left side. Parts book calls for a #700 plug which is 3/8-24 thread. The hole in my case is 7/16-24 and does not appear to be damaged at all. My question involves a correct part number for the oversize plug or an idea where to source a plug with similar dimensions.

    Thanks for the assistance!

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    Walt, V Twin Mfg shows the O.S. Plug with a tap or just the plug. Items # 7502-2 and 7503-1. No thread pitch size mentioned.

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    Them part numbers are Colony, give them a call and they will tell you the size.

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    Just came across this thread. My parts book has the #700, does not mention size or pitch.
    I have a 66, the case plug is not even there, not drilled or anything.

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