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Thread: Chief tanks

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    You might find it in the library or archives for the club. It is about 8 or 9 pages long and posting pictures is not my strong area. But I have made a copy of it and could make more for you if you can't find it. You can PM me and we can go from there. I know that I gave the correct issues because I wrote it down when I made my copy. It is quite detailed.
    Jim D

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    I remember that issue, Jim. Very good article, and some great tips on repair. However, it's strictly a lead repair, and no welding or brazing was done in the restoration. The guy who did the repairs was a real craftsman and I heard that he was overwhelmed with requests from people who wanted him to fix their tanks.
    Eric Smith
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    I can't remember for sure but I think it was on this forum that someone had posted about putting the tanks in their outdoor grill to heat up and melt the solder to take the tanks apart. I've been dying to try this method.

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    That was on caimag site,it does work good that's how I got mine apart. That issue isn't available in the archives Jim D,I'll have to get with you on it

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