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Thread: Need Advice on Rare Step Hub

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    Default Need Advice on Rare Step Hub

    I have finally located the 1935 and 1936 ONLY step hub for my 1936 RLD project. This style hub is HD part number 3960-35 and is used on 1935 and 1936 45's ONLY as opposed to 3960-36 which is the "standard" step hub we all know and love.
    The only difference that I can see between the hubs is the spoke hole size. (0.215" vs 0.255")
    The hub that I have appears to be NOS or close to it BUT......
    The brake side spoke flange is not properly brazed to the central race cylinder. You can see the hairline crack in the picture and the flange is slightly loose and can be just perceptibly moved back and forth. It's like the braze did not wick into the gap during assembly.
    I'd like some advice on making this repair.
    I could try to wick silver braze into the gap after through cleaning and baking but I suspect that may not work as planned due to contamination in the gap that I simply will not be able to completely remove.
    I could also turn a small weld prep groove into the crack and TIG it up in several spots or all around with stainless rod (because of the braze contamination) I could then turn off the weld bead above the area around it.
    Beyond those two options, I'm at a loss. Anyone ever have to make a repair like this before?
    Looking at the hub, it appears that this flange was the first part slipped onto the center piece and would have to be the last part off if I attempted to completely disassemble the hub (if that is even possible or practical.

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    you answered your question

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    Just looking for confirmation from someone who has dealt with a similar problem.

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