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    New to this forum and the AMCA. Iím in south central Illinois near St. Louis. Retired electrician. I build vintage british bikes, mostly triumphs. Iíve had a few Japanese and German bikes pass through my shop, but usually stay with the triumphs. Looking for activities in the Midwest, and Oklahoma, yeah, Iím a born and raised Okie, and though Iíve lived in Illinois longer than Iíd like to admit, Iím still Okie to the core.

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    Welcome Phil,

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Triumphs. Built up a basket case in my kitchen back in the 70’s.


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    I bought a Triumph Bonneville about 12 years ago by accident on eBay, (placed a bid that I never thought would win the auction),it didn’t run, it leaked oil like mad, but it was a cool bike, I’ve been hooked on em ever since. I live in Harley country and should build a Harley, but I like the smaller bikes.

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    I have always been primarily an H-D guy, mostly '40s, but I have a huge soft spot for Pre-Unit Triumph stuff. Glad to see you here, we need more Brit stuff for a change of pace. I like Triumph memorabilia too!

    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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    Hi Phil,
    Welcome to the club and forum. I live about 20 minutes west of Champaign, IL. There is a pretty large crowd of antique motorcycle lovers in this area. Mostly Indian and HD but there are a few hard core British bike guys also. A number of us belong to the Ohio Valley Chapter of the AMCA. There's always something going on during the spring, summer and fall, either local club rides in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio or other bike events centered around Farmer City in Illinois.

    It's always nice to meet new people so even if you're a few hours away feel free to contact me if you have any interest in getting together and meeting the group. My email address is slammer.indian47@gm

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    Thanks Slamiste, I’ll keep your email and check out the ovc. I’m 65 miles east of St. Louis in Vandalia, Il. I’ve emailed the stl chapter, but have not heard back from them. I’ve traveled through your area quite a bit, my daughter lives in peoria, and I did quite a bit of work in Lockport il, before I retired. It seems like there is a terminal on the trunkline, a natural gas pipeline near farmer city? Thank for the info.

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