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    My bike is a 1961 Harley panhead FLH with mouse trap. I am installing a new Rivero Pro clutch can anyone tell me the correct sequence to adjust the mousetrap and the clutch

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    Hopefully you have a manual or someone could put the page up here. My advice is to get a manual cause you WILL need it. It is a little confusing but you should be able to do it even with the Riviera clutch. Just beware they call it a mousetrap for a reason. Wear thick work gloves when putting your fingers where they don't belong.
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    Yes, the task is challenging. You ill need to learn various ways to adjust the pulling force of a mousetrap racer in a professional manner. The process is not easy!

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    I've done this more than once.The diaphram clutches don't travel as far to release.You may find the clutch bottoms out before full handle pull.You just need to adjust it so the release/grab point is comfortable.

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