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    Do pre 1968 fork tubes have a recessed area in the bottom for the dampener valve? I know it is 2 on 68-70 and 1-1/2 on 71-72 but not sure on 52-67. I want to find a set of tubes before dismantling the front end. Also did they come 22 & 23? Thanks

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    Did you find the info you need on the tubes Otis? I have some tubes, might take a few days to get what you are asking for though.

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    Not definitely. I think the shorter 1-1/2” recessed tubes are the right ones. Just an assumption though.

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    Otis this is what I have for measurements; This assy have fender brackets at bottom of slider and came with a 68 "H" basket case bike; 22 11/16" and 22 13/16 OAL with bore depth of 2.310" plus or minus few thousandths. I believe these
    to be 68 but if you look in the XL Parts Catalog there are versions for 55-67, 67-68, 68-69, 68 and 70 alone and 71-72???

    Others I have with fender brackets at top of slider so I think they are 71-72; 23 1/16ths OAL both, bore depth; 1.590 & 1.630. One set 4" longer, 27 1/16th and bore depth 2.310". G/L Tom

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    Thanks Tom
    Unfortunately the only parts book I have is the 54-78 K and XL model bikes. It has a lot of NAs and blanks instead of part numbers. If anyone has a parts book that was printed in the late 60s or early 70s I would be interested in purchasing it.

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    Try Bill's Custom Cycle in Bloomsburg Pa. for a book. And there is a website ----- lots of information on early Sportster.
    Jim D

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    There's 3 of the 54-70's catalogs on first page of an eBay search with "buy now", free s&h.

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