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Thread: 1938 Chief Sadlebags

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    Referring to your first post, please make sure you do your home work before ordering a set of bags from anyone. I have spent countless hours and years doing research on leather bags, seats, tooling and embossing stamps and plates used on Harley, Indian and Henderson motorcycles.
    It also takes years to acquire the tools, machines, knowledge and skill.

    My point being is that you can look at the same make and style from 3 different leather workers and not one the same. Now this does not the craftsmanship is bad by any means, the quality of workmanship is quite high, actually, on the bags presented here on the site. I am only talking about subtle differences like for instance the style and edge on the leather conchos, also known as rosettes. I have seen scalloped edges when they are suppose to be pinked or zigzagged and vise versa, the pinked edges being at a 45 degree edge when they should be at 30 degree etc. Some straps are single or double creased when they should not be creased or any variation of the above. The stitching being 6 stitches per inch when they should be at 5. Too many to variations to list really.

    I know these subtle changes on the leather bags may not mean a lot to some or most people, but why settle on bags when you would not settle on a headlight e.g. Again, all I am bringing up is to do your homework.

    Good look on your search
    I'm doing a lot of research before I purchase. Thank you for the information.

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    Lets see some pics of the 38. I'm putting one together myself and would love to see another one.

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    Im bringing a pair of original Indian "Deluxe" bags back to life. Ill post some pics when Im done.

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    Thank You, I'll be watching for that.

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