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Thread: Honor Old Dude - show a bike with his parts on it

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    Default Honor Old Dude - show a bike with his parts on it

    How about we honor Old Dude (Clete) by posting photos of our restored motorcycles that were made possible because of parts we purchased from him? It will show just how many members benefited from his contributions to our restoration pastime. I'll go is my 1959 XLCH. Just about every nut and bolt on this bike was purchased from Old Dude:


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    1956 FL under restoration. Every nut, bolt, screw, and washer from Clete.
    Be sure to visit;
    Be sure to register at the site so you can see large images.
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    I will miss you Clete, May the Lord's Perpetual Light shine upon you now and forever.
    What a dear, dear man. He encouraged me through the years of working in the hood and finishing my Ph.D.
    Yes, I will happily show off my trike, but you have to catch up with me while I am riding her.

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