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Thread: 1968 XLH Indicator/Warning Lights

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    Mike Love, thanks very much for the reply regarding my search. I do not use the two mentioned social sites but will try posting in the free classified in the club magazine. Plus I think I need to set aside the time to attend Wauseon this summer and again will be looking at the up coming meet in NSB during Bike Week. Thanks.

    dlxl66, also thank you for the tip on the named website regarding the K Models. TomL

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    If you attend Wauseon and don't actually find the part I'll bet you can find an XL vender that has it in their part hoard.

    I have to say that my go to is Old Dude Vintage Parts in Georgia. Here is their contact info.

    Phone/Fax 770-921-3825
    Toll free orderline 1-877-OLD-DUDE

    The link below is to their inquiry page. I just give them a list of all parts, parts catalog description and the part number and they let you know if they have it and the price. You could spell to that you want a used part, NOS or maybe last reproduction. They are very helpful.

    Mike Love

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    Thanks again Mike. I know about "Old Dude" and I did send an email to them with the parts book picture/page of what I needed. That was after last years show at NSB and they did not have the parts at that time. Cant hurt to ask them again though. TomL

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    Well the decision to wire and configure the 67 "H" to "CH" has been made. I need this bike running and after talking with a man who just sold all the pieces and parts I needed yesterday it didn't take a lot of head scratching go with the XLCH configuration. Thanks for the comments and tips on the search. Later. TomL

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    I do have 2 of the pieces you are looking for one is nice ad the other a little nicer.I also have the just the plastic inserts that i think are oem-nos.If you are interested i will look for them and ship you some pictures.My name is AL call me 570-640-9436.

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