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    Looking for a 1937/38 four- just missed one which was advertised in the club magazine- seems that all the good stuff is already gone before the magazine is in the mailbox.


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    They go quick, don't they? Saw that one too in the AMCA mag but didn't bother calling figured it was already gone. Not sure where you are or the price range your looking for but Glen Bator (Bator International) always seems to have a few '38 Fours; he's at the top end of the price spectrum however. I'm not sure if his business was effected by the Ojai, CA fires they had last month or not but you might try giving him a call to see if he has one or know of one for sale.

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    Thank you for answering- looking for a project bike- the restored ones go for silly money and I am an enthusiast and hobby restorer and not an investor- will check with him though- thank you for the tip

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    You likely will have as much in it than to go buy one, unless you do it entirely yourself. see one listed later this January in Las Vegas 2018.
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    Howdy sir,

    As a regular enthusiast like many of us here there is a world of difference between a 37 and 38 both operationally and in resale at the unfortunate (or not because you merely discovered you wanted something else rather than a hardship sale) end of the spectrum on the former if forced into a position to market it for sale. 36 and 37’s are light, fast and oily, love riding these more than any other, but in the main, they primarily sell the easiest in auction environments to the wealthy and mildly curious wanting a four cylinder American made machine, not much research beforehand, but it’d look good amongst their car collection. It’ll be a hit or miss for the seller in this situation. On the other hand, 38 (especially these with grey faced instruments) and 39’s are pretty much acknowledged as the best aesthetic/functionally of the Indian Fours - this acknowledged by someone owning and riding skirted Fours for 23 years and foolishly having let those 38-39’s get very expensive with other m/c distractions before trying to pick one up.

    Out of any Indian Four, for the amount time, aggravation and sacrifice to put one together these days with a dwindling supply of original parts, you can not go wrong with a 38 and 39 put together sensibly. You’ll enjoy the lithe handling, incredible aesthetics if going with Worlds Fair paint schemes on a 39 or even just the monochromatic frame/tins paint work on a 38 and enjoy easy salability. I’d kinda give a pass to a 37.

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    Hi- thank you for the advice- I like odd bikes and I think the 36 and 37 are interesting due to their unusual engine design. I have restored a weird four which is a Zündapp K800 featuring a four cylinder boxer engine- unsurpassed smoothness but not a racer.I agree that the 38/39 are great looking bikes- but which Indian four is not?

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