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Thread: 12V coil for 60FL 6V to 12V conversion

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    Default 12V coil for 60FL 6V to 12V conversion

    I am considering a 12V conversion. One of my questions is if there is a 12V coil available that will fit behind the small chrome shield that covers my existing [square] 6V coil.....and allow the two plug wires to route out through the two holes (see pic)


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    Yes, Tedd (V-twin) offers them. Their failure rate is high though. There's a few labeled "BAD" hanging by my ceiling joist. I would consider what I and many of my friends use. We use the early 12 volt Shovel coils with their mount behind the cover you pictured. We fill the two top holes with chrome metal plugs from the hardware store and make two small half moon holes on the front side (towards the rear cylinder) for the wires to come out. Paugho offers a lot of vintage covers for this coil that are routed the way already. This coils are easy to find on the road and work forever. I hope this helps.

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    I'd avoid the after market coils that cover would require. Use a factory 31609-65A coil or equivalent. As stated, they last a long time.

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