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Thread: KHK intake manifold nut wrench

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    Default KHK intake manifold nut wrench

    Honest, I did search this forum to see if this has been covered, but could find nothing. I need an open end wrench for the intake manifold nuts on my 1956 KHK. It looks like it has an opening of ~2" -- is that correct?
    Where is a good source for this wrench?
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    They are on eBay every day. Keep in mind the factory had one wrench that they ground out to fit all the different sized nuts. They are just a steel forging. Sidecar nuts 1-3/4", 45 intake 1-7/8" , BT flathead and WLD 2", BT K, WR 2-1/8. All the same blanks. There are straight and slightly offset but either works fine.
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    Beware of cheap stamped wrenches, as they fit poorly, and won't last.

    It was easiest for me to go to my local farm supply (such as "Farm and Fleet"), and find a decent box-end/open-end wrench to cut in half so the open-end could go into the toolbag. Carving with a 4" grinder would give the most precise fit, and thinning will give precise clearance from finnage; With the other end removed, it easily accepts a "cheater", and the modified box ends proved the best way to loosen frozen nuts.

    Much more cost efficient in the long run than any repop!

    PS: I posted this pic previously, so don't trust the search function...
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    Ive had this NOS wrench (AMF-era packaged) for years and wondered the odd size (1-5/8). Your explanation Robbie makes sense. Thx
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