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Interesting, all my reference material on the valve size(intake only) say 1.825" 58 to 69 and 1.935" 70 to end of production. These numbers do not convert to a standard fraction but 1 7/8 and 1 15/16 are used. I do remember the confusion about 20 years after the 72-73 bastid head bolt-cylinder bolt pattern started showing up for rebuild at shops, mine included!
You may very well be correct Tom - I'm going from memory and it was a long time ago. I do know for certain that we go-fast guys did change these larger intake valves to the XLR valves (which were a real 1-15/16") because of the tulip shape and how this shape aided airflow into the intake the track, which we invariably ported. The 1-3/4" XLR exhaust valves were also installed, as they were shaped as well.

Yes, that 1973 cylinder/head combination was a winner! I com pained about finding my 1970 heads - but the guys doing 1 1973 have a much tougher time!