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Thread: My Dad's Indian and My First Ride

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    cool photos ,this was taken a few years back by the looks of it , Sport Scout ?i like the paint job and no guard, what year is it , Rob

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    I guess I just realized this is not pre-1930. If any Admin. person is reading this and you want me to move or remove this please let me know.

    Now to reply, the picture was taken about 1965. My sister was born in July 1962 and looks maybe about 3 years old there. The bike is a military model Indian that was bought as surplus and then stripped of all the military hardware and painted civilian colors. My Dad (on the bike) bought the bike from the person that bought it as surplus and the story is that it was purchased with a complete engine in the crate. I don't know what happened to the bike or the engine. My Dad is passed on and this was too many years ago for me to trace anything down now. He used to give us kids rides by putting a folded blanket on the tank and we would sit on the tank with our feet on top of the crash bars. That bike "hooked" me on riding and I will never forget those first rides.

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    very cool, thanks for sharing those

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